The Gun Debate - Let's Ban Semi-Automatic Weapons

From The Toronto Star

The Gun Debate - Why not ban all semi automatic weapons. 

Or if not that, why not require that they are all registered and can only be sold to a person who has passed a safety course of some sort, monitored by the police.  And limit magazines to 10 bullets or less. 

Still, I like the idea of banning the weapons outright,  It is true that citizens have a personal right to own a weapon for defense in their home.  But a shot gun is really your best bet.  And an old fashioned revolver will probably do fine in virtually all circumstances.   

If you really do live in a place so dangerous that you need to regularly engage in gun fights, the question for me is why do you live there.  

If we want to stop school shootings, an outright ban would be a good start.  Most young men who commit mass murders are not criminals until the do their killing spree, so they will likely buy their guns from licensed sellers. So far, only Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook) took his mother’s weapon.  So a ban on automatic weapons would make a dent in the killings.  

And over time as the remaining automatic weapons got older, the supply would shrink.  So in 50 years or so, the US would be much better off.  

Beyond that, we need to ask ourselves how we became so gun crazy.  It was not always like this.  At one time, even the NRA supported some form of gun control.  And the typical gun owner used his weapon for hunting deer or rabbits.  But no more.  

And how did get to a point in time when a high school boy who went out to buy candy was stalked by an adult wanna-be cop, who then shot him when the boy got pissed off at being tailed.  

Or how do we end up with state passing laws that force guns into every corner of society?  

It is utter madness. 

And please, don’t give me the Second Amendment.  Even Scalia agreed that the right to own a weapon is not an absolute right.

Or do you have a better idea? 

If you do, please do tell. 

PS: the right wing side of gun debate is partly driven by assholes who, when  a person complains that an AR-15 is an assault rifle, says, sounding like a scold, they quote a legal definition of an assault rifle that was designed to exclude the AR-15.  But trust me, compared to an old Winchester repeater, the AR-15 is an assault rifle.  

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