Washington and Hamilton discuss the US Constitution, God Moderates

The following conversation took place in heaven between George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.  God the father sat in and acted as host. 

The audience consisted of the nine choirs of angels, numerous saints and old testament sages as well as a large number of the rest of the heavenly host.  

God introduced Washington and Hamilton to the assembled crowd.  They were well known to the resident Americans and Europeans but less so to Asians, Africans and the American Indians.  

Washington started off by saying that today’s topic for discussion was limited government under the US Constitution.  A groan went up from the assembled masses, and folks started to leave.  In a few minutes only a few remained. 

Then Alexander Hamilton started to speak.  He said he was disappointed with how Republicans use the phrase, limited government.  We never meant to limit what Congress can do to a list written in 1787.  They assumed that our constitution would evolve as times changed.  Besides, the entire notion of limits is misunderstood.  By limits, they meant that government is limited by laws.  Remember, they lived in an era of absolute monarchs, so by limiting the power of the president or Congress, they only meant that no one has the power of a Louis the XVI.   

Then he went on to talk about how the election of Donald Trump was just what they feared.  They thought that electors would be smart enough to avoid mistakes like that.  But they were wrong.  The electoral college elected the hero of the rabble.  

Thomas Jefferson rose angrily from his chair to speak, but God stopped him.   “Thomas, you are a guest here, I invited you to come up from Limbo because I knew you were interested in the topic, but you are not permitted to speak.”  But Hamilton said, “It’s ok, he let’s hear him.”

Jefferson harangued, “You hate the common man, you said, their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.”

Hamilton shot right back, “You wouldn’t know the common man if he shat upon your head.  You were then and still remain a dandy!” 

With the, Jefferson disappeared into smoke.  God spoke up saying, I sent him back to Limbo where he belongs.  You are right, he was and is a spoiled rich kid.  Do you know that for all his wealth, he died broke?”   

I heard about it, said Hamilton who added, “John Adams, whose father made shoes, died a wealthy man.”   

Washington tried to get them back to the topic, but Voltaire and Frederick the Great had commenced to arguing over the topic of human rights.  And Rousseau started to laugh a loud boisterous laugh that suggested that he had too much wine.  

Others in the audience had also begun to quarrel and the place became bedlam.  

God stood up and said, I am an absolute monarch, and your quarreling has displeased me.  With that, everyone disappeared in smoke except George Washington.

Washington asked God, why didn’t you make me disappear.  God smiled at our first president and said, you knew how to hold your tongue and tolerate fools.  That’s very much what I do.  Oh, in case you are not sure, Donald Trump is and idiot.  

PS:  I am a conservative in the oldest sense of the word.  I wish to maintain the institutions that serve us.  In the US, 70 plus years after the New Deal, we conservatives should support social security, welfare for the poor (relief in the old days), public schools, public works, progressive taxation and the national parks.  We also should respect religions and their place in society, but also the rights of non-believers.

The notions that prosperity exists outside of the cooperation of people and our institutions is nonsense and dangerous.

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